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Sergii Chernov.TV systems.Expert knowledge of the  satellite & cable headed  satellite TV station.SNG - Satellite News Gathering & Uplink Satellite Station.



37 years of non-stop work in the sphere of television and in the Broadcast industry.


TV systems.
Multi camera OB VAN
Expert knowledge of the satellite & cable TV station.
SVSAT, SNG - Satellite News Gathering, Fly Away & Uplink Satellite Station.
Satellite network of cable modems.
Satellite Network of the videoconference.
"Up stream channel" of the systems "Video on Demand ( VoD ) "
Various analogue and digital nets of cable TV, combined satellite systems, their elaboration, installment and adjustment.
The closed and open TV systems of satellite reception.
Systems of a linear and nonlinear video editing.
The specialized video server.
Construction of studio of Television News.


12/2005-present time
Technical director
My responsibilities included the following tasks:
Creation of the company from zero.
Creation of structure of the company
Purchase and integration of the TV &Satellite equipment.
Multi camera OB VAN +UpLink & and ten DSNG trucks
All decision procedure (license ) by the Ukraine documents
Selection of the employees for the company.

01/2004- 12/2005
Street TV
My responsibilities included the following tasks:
-booking occasion capacity by the various Satellite.
-installation and management of the Central Earth Satellite Station including Ku-band Transceiver, Protection Switch (AnaCom/ ANASAT ), SSP Amplifier MX1000S (MCL), Encoder -TE60 MPEG 2 (4:2:2/4:2:0) , DVB Satellite Modulator MPEG 2-TVRM75, Receiver/Decoder, MPEG 2 (4:2:2/4:2:0)- TDR60,Redundancy Switch1x1 TRS1(Tiernan / RadyneComStream) ;
-installation and management of the mobil satellite station
Fly Away/ SNG (Satellite News Gathering). including Transceiver K-Star,
Encoder with Multiplexer & Satellite modulator TE-300A (Tiernan / RadyneComStream)
-installation and management network of the videoconference including
Digital Satellite Modem CM601,
Satellite Earth Station DT-8000 (Tiernan / RadyneComStream )
& Router Cisco-1005 (Cisco)

Employed by the German company
"PrimaCom Network&Operations GmbH ".
Worked as a Digital Head Administrator- within the program "Green Card", inviting IT specialists to Germany.
PrimaCom Network&Operations GmbH is one of the famous cable operators
in Germany. PrimaCom network covers the most expelled grounds of German Federative Republic. PrimaCom delivers such services as:
-Digital package of TV programs;
-Interactive TV (TV on demand) in a coded way;
-High-speed Internet;
-multimedia services (computer games) in an interactive mode;
-Various kinds of telephone services.
My responsibilities included the following tasks:
-Installation and management of the PrimaCom digital TV platform;
-Planning of channels and their management;
-System management;
-Control and administration of the network according to the responsibilities of the Head Digital Administrator.

01/98 - 09/01
Working on the "Inter" Ukrainian television channel
as a leading expert of the hardware systems of satellite reception (SR)
of "News" sector of an international department.
-"Inter" television channel broadcasts on the third national Ukrainian TV channel.
Has its own "News" department with several blocks of the latest news presented on the daily basis as well as the final news advisory of the week.
-"Inter" makes own video production.
-"Inter" distributes the signal on the air, cable and satellite ÒV networks.
-"Inter" has some affiliated TV channels, customers can watch "Inter" via satellite: Sirius at 5.0E, tp3-11766H, 27500,3/4.
My responsibility included the following tasks:
-Development and planning of the circuits for delivery of the TV information via satellite channels;
-Development and adjustment of reception, recording, editing and sorting technology for the
plot "News" issues on the non-linear video mounting basis;
-Installation and maintenance of all systems in the satellite reception;
-Installation and maintenance of the digital platform of the video server in the satellite reception;
-Non-linear video editing in the News Room network (EditStar/ NewsStar);
-Control and administration of the given channels of a satellite reception.

Working by the private Ukrainian television channel "Noviy Kanal" as the leading expert in information systems for News Department.
-"Noviy Kanal" - broadcasts 24 hour per day
- has its own sector of news which provides important information during the day.
-"Noviy Kanal" - makes programs of its production
-"Noviy Kanal" - distributes the signal on the air, cable and satellite ÒV networks, customers can watch "Noviy Kanal" via satellite Sirius at 5.0E, tp3-11766H, 27500,3/4.
I was responsible for the following:
-Development of the concept of the News Room;
-Selection of a necessary complete set of the equipment for the News Room;
-Ordering and purchasing of the necessary equipment;
-Working with technology of reception, recording, assembling and sorting of plots issue of news with usage of combined systems of on-line and non-linear video mounting;
-Installation and maintenance of all systems of satellite reception;
-Installation and maintenance of the digital platform of the video-server in satellite receiver reception;
-Management and control in a structure of News Room.

"UTN" State Ukrainians TV NEWS broadcast company,
Worked as a Head of the Video-editing department.
My responsibilities included the following tasks:
-Editing &technical support of the "news" program
-Broadcast TV programs via EBU satellite channels.

Active duty (Army).

Republic informational centre. Worked as an engineer in technical department.
My responsibilities included installation and management the computer "Minsk22/32".

Research institute of Radio Engineering Problems.
Worked as a technician of a digital system.

(hold more than one office).


"Noviy Kanal ". Had personally developed and executed the "Cable and satellite network of the News Room & TV channel" project.
"CONSALTING UKRAINE"- Has independently developed and executed project titled " Monitoring & Raiting of TV channels in Ukraine". Basis on Peoplemeter
( "CONSALTING UKRAINE GROUP" ang " AGP GROUP" it is a "AGP Ukraine "now ).


German language courses (foreign languages courses "Inlingva" in Leipzig),
Tel: +49-341-961 61 90
"Tasis" program- "Business Courses".
Distant postgraduate study in the Institute of Civil Aviation.
Specialization -"Television and radio engineering systems".
Short Course " Application of microprocessors in the television equipment".
Institute of improvement of professional skill of the workers of TV and broadcasting
II State Courses of Foreign Languages. English Department
Graduated from National Technical University of Ukraine (Kiev Polytechnic Institute-KPI ).
Has received a degree-"Electronic Engineering".


1981-1985 - 2 articles, 4 author certificates of the USSR (video - recorder and digital video).


English -speak fluently.
German-basic level.
Russian-mother tongue.


Category "B".


I will send you the references, the diploma and the certificates if necessary.

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